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Introduction to Earnings

To help you understand how HostJane pays, we made this plain English guide.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Summary for Earning on HostJane

We follow the HostJane Roadmap

  • The standard Seller Earnings rate is 80% on all Listings, Online Lessons, Custom Offers and Tips Each Seller sets the price of their own Services HostJane pays all bank and credit card fees so you receive the full 80% from each sale

  • There is a 5-day waiting period before you can withdraw earned funds from completed orders to prevent fraud and other problems

  • We can pay you out free with no minimum to all PayPal accounts

  • We can pay you free by Direct Deposit (U.S. bank accounts)

  • We can pay you out for a $9.99 fee by Wire Transfer (with an $11 minimum) to these Supported Countries.


HostJane uses a traditional model of “Seller-driven” pricing for all Services, meaning the total price of each Service is set and controlled by you, the Seller.

As soon as you open 1 listing, a sales snapshot will be available in your dashboard, helping you track daily sales, including cleared and unsettled pending earnings.

Standard earnings are 80%. HostJane pays all credit card processing and overhead costs from our Marketplace Fee.

Use the Set Your Price calculator when creating or editing your listing to calculate how much your Buyer will pay and how much you will earn on each order.

The Base Price is made up of:

  • Service Cost: You set this price to cover the cost of your Work. It should include your 80% seller percentage and the 20% Marketplace Fee that HostJane bills per order.

  • Handling Fee: The $1.99 non-refundable fee that Buyers pay HostJane irregardless of the total price of the transaction to support our running costs.

The Base Price does not include:

  • Licensing Cost: If you sell commercial use of your Work to Buyers with a license, the Buyer will pay for this cost on top of the Base Price. Added Extras: If you sell optional Services or add-ons to your Buyer, these are charged as added extras on top of the Base Price.

  • Confidentiality: If the Buyer wishes for you to sign HostJane’s standard NDA agreement, when you accept their order, they will pay an administrative fee to HostJane that is charged on top of the Base price. Sellers on HostJane control which orders they accept and refuse without penalty.

Let’s see an example:

The Seller uses the left box to enter a Service Cost of $100.

  • The Base price is the Service Cost added to the Handling Fee
  • The Handling fee is $1.99
  • Buyer will pay $101.99 for the Service Cost and the Handling Fee
  • HostJane’s Marketplace Fee is 20% of the Service Cost.

Putting it all together:

Seller's Earnings = Service Cost - Marketplace Fee
= ($100) - (20% x $100)
= $100 - $20
= $80 USD

So in this case, the Seller earned $80 USD

  • There is a 5-day waiting period after the order is completed before the Seller can withdraw those funds to their bank account.
  • There is no minimum amount for withdrawal
  • As you are an independent contractor, HostJane does not apply withholding tax or any other form of tax or fee.
  • Ensure you complete any tax forms on your account, HostJane will notify you when and how you need to do this.

In Online Lessons, Sellers can set a different Service Cost for each standard block of lesson time (30, 45 and 60 minutes) and a trial lesson cost and duration.

We generate an invoice for you for every order, and your buyer will receive a receipt. Download every invoice in the Reporting Center.