Payments & Tax

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  1. How to request a payout
  2. How to add a bank account for withdrawal?
  3. How to find my routing and account number
  4. Why do I have to wait 5 days for payments?
  5. Direct Deposit to United States
  6. Country information for wire payments
  7. The dollar amounts in my reporting are wrong?
  8. Supported Payout Methods
  9. HostJane asked for my tax information, why?
  10. Tax policy
    1. Independent Contractors
    2. Jurisdictions
  11. Do I have to submit tax information to my Buyer?
  12. Downloading statements
  13. Sales Tax and Related Rules

How to request a payout

  1. You will need to have cleared earnings or refunded money in your account before you can request a payout.
  2. Please add a Bank account, Paypal in Settings > Payouts.
  3. Go to Reporting and click Withdraw

Select a Payout method (Add your details in Settings > Payouts) then follow the on-screen instructions. A unique payment ID will be generated.

How to add a bank account for withdrawal?

To add a new bank account, login to HostJane and go to Settings > Payouts.

For U.S. sellers, select the Direct Deposit tab. You can enter your routing and account number with details which are free to receive.

For international sellers in these Supported Countries, select the Wire Transfer tab. You will need your SWIFT account details to register your bank account.

Note that HostJane cannot be held responsible for delays, extra costs or financial loss that arises from being provided incorrect account information, so please ensure that you double check the details with your financial institution prior to submitting a request for a Bank Transfer.

How to find my routing and account number

If you want to be paid your earnings by Direct Deposit, you will need to provide an American account and routing number.

Your bank routing number is a nine-digit code that’s based on the U.S. Bank location where your account was opened. It’s the first set of numbers printed on the bottom of most checks, on the left side.

Why do I have to wait 5 days for payments?

To meet our anti-fraud obligations, HostJane holds payments for 5 days after each order is completed with Buyer approval and compulsory feedback.

In Reporting, we keep you informed of the clearance progress of your earnings in hours and minutes to go for each order.

Once the countdown reaches zero in the Payout Status column of Your Sales, those earnings become available for withdrawal to your payout method.

Download a sales invoice for every transaction.

Direct Deposit to United States

HostJane sends free, fast ACH payments (Direct Deposit) to any U.S. bank account - with a minimum payout of USD $10.

Country information for wire payments

HostJane currently supports international wire payouts to the following countries. A $9.99 USD non-refundable payout fee applies to all payouts by wire transfer.

The minimum payout amount by wire transfer is $50 USD.

Country Name Local Currency
Albania ALL
Algeria DZD
Anguilla XCD
Argentina ARS
Armenia AMD
Australia AUD
Austria EUR
Bahamas BSD
Bahrain BHD
Bangladesh BDT
Barbados BBD
Belgium EUR
Bermuda BMD
Brazil BRL
Brunei Darussalam BND
Bulgaria BGN
Canada CAD
Cayman Islands KYD
Chile CLP
China CNY
Colombia COP
Costa Rica CRC
Croatia HRK
Cyprus EUR
Czech Republic CZK
Denmark EUR
Ecuador USD
Egypt EGP
Estonia EGP
Eswatini SZL
Fiji FJD
Finland EUR
France EUR
Georgia GEL
Germany EUR
Greece EUR
Guatemala GTQ
Honduras HNL
Hong Kong HKD
Hungary HUF
Iceland ISK
India INR
Indonesia IDR
Ireland EUR
Israel ILS
Italy EUR
Japan JPY
Jordan JOD
Kazakhstan KZT
Kenya KES
Korea, Republic of KRW
Kuwait KWD
Latvia EUR
Liechtenstein CHF
Lithuania EUR
Luxembourg EUR
Macao MOP
Malawi MWK
Malaysia MYR
Malta EUR
Mauritius MUR
Mexico MXN
Monaco EUR
Morocco MAD
Mozambique MZN
Nepal NPR
Netherlands EUR
New Zealand NZD
Norway NOK
Oman OMR
Pakistan PYG
Peru SOL
Philippines PHP
Poland PLN
Portugal EUR
Qatar QAR
Romania RON
Rwanda RWF
Saudi Arabia SAR
Serbia RSD
Singapore SGD
Slovakia EUR
Slovenia EUR
Solomon Islands SBD
South Africa ZAR
Spain EUR
Sri Lanka LKR
Sweden SEK
Switzerland CHF
Taiwan, Province of China TWD
Trinidad and Tobago USD
Thailand THB
Tunisia TND
Turkey TRY
Uganda UGX
Ukraine UAH
United Arab Emirates AED
United Kingdom GBP
United States USD (FREE) - See Direct Deposit
Uruguay UYU
Viet Nam VND
Zambia ZMW

The dollar amounts in my reporting are wrong?

If you have recently made or completed a transaction, please firstly clear your cache on your device and check again.

If the amounts are still wrong are clearing cache, contact us so our billing team can have a look.

Supported Payout Methods

To withdraw your earnings to your bank, HostJane currently supports the following seller payout methods:

  • PayPal (No minimum, no fee)
  • Direct Deposit / ACH ($10 minimum, FREE) - U.S. bank accounts only
  • Wire Transfer ($50 minimum, $9.99 USD fee) - Supported Countries

HostJane asked for my tax information, why?

HostJane, Inc. is a US corporation. If you are a US based Seller and your gross earnings exceed $20,000 USD with more than 200 transactions within a single calendar year, HostJane may be required to file a Form 1099-K with the IRS to report transactions made to you.

Our team will contact you if we need any tax information from you.

Tax policy

HostJane does not charge or collect tax on freelancer services as stated in our Terms of Service.

Independent Contractors

Stated in section 9. INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR of the Terms of Service:

HostJane and User are independent contractors and nothing contained in this Agreement places HostJane and User in the relationship of principal and agent, partners or joint venturers. Neither party has, expressly or by implication, or may represent itself as having, any authority to make contracts or enter into any agreements in the name of the other party, or to obligate or bind the other party in any manner whatsoever.


Stated in section 2.5.3 of the Marketplace Rules:

Sellers are responsible for paying any direct or indirect taxes, including any European VAT or Australian GST or otherwise, which may apply to them depending on residency or location. Sellers represent and warrant that they comply, and will comply at all times, with their obligations under income tax provisions in their jurisdiction.

Do I have to submit tax information to my Buyer?

You are not legally required by HostJane to submit private tax information to your Buyer.

Explained under section #9 of our Terms of Service, Sellers and Buyers on HostJane are independent contractors.

Working as a freelancer on HostJane expressly does not constitute or set up any form of employment or partnership arrangement either with the buyer or HostJane.

Downloading statements

Login to your account > Reporting to download sales invoices and receipts.

We don’t charge or collect sales tax.

The following policy applies to:

  • US Sales tax
  • Australian GST
  • EU VAT
  • Mexican Income Tax Withholding policy
  • Indian GST

Explained under 2.5 of the Marketplace Terms, Payments made through HostJane generally exclude any such tax collection unless otherwise specified.

Users and HostJane are independent contractors and each take care of their own tax reporting requirements in their own legal jurisdiction.