HostJane FAQ

This FAQ provides answers to basic questions about HostJane. Check out the HostJane Roadmap for more detailed information.

  1. HostJane FAQ
  2. What counts as a Service?
  3. What is a skill?
  4. Who is a Buyer?
  5. Who is a Seller?
  6. Why are accounts integrated?
  7. Who is HostJane for?
  8. Where is HostJane based?
  9. How old is HostJane?
  10. Who are the people behind HostJane?
  11. Does HostJane have an iOS or Android app?
  12. What is HostJane’s relationship with female equality?
  13. How do I become a Seller?

What counts as a Service?

Services are paid Work tasks that stay within HostJane’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) where the Seller is selling their Skill to a Buyer.

We welcome Sellers who are able to take the risks and costs of doing useful tasks for people on time.

The terms of each Service sold on HostJane must be written down in the Seller’s Listing or Custom Offer prior to being purchased by the Buyer. The Seller is promising they can do the Work task on time and 100% fulfill the delivery through HostJane’s order system which comprises a workspace of boards, lists and cards with chat.

So as a rule of thumb, you can sell your Service here if what you do for people can be:

  • Delivered in a non-physical, digital format
  • Done in one simple transaction
  • Delivered to the Buyer within 25 days from the date they pay you
  • Delivered on time
  • Able to keep the Buyer updated about your progress and;
  • Meets our AUP

What is a skill?

On HostJane a “Skill” is your ability to do a useful Service, something that can be delivered “virtually” over the internet, that helps a Buyer because they cannot do the task without your help.

Sellers offer their skills in a number of different categories including:

  • Technology
  • Art
  • Voice
  • Design
  • Writing
  • Translation
  • Business
  • Online teaching / tutoring

Being able to build a website, teach someone how to code, or fix someone’s computer remotely would be classed as skills here, as much as being able to teach a language over Skype or draw custom artwork.

If you have a skill for doing something most people would consider useful, there’s a market for it here at HostJane. Please join us and open a studio!

Who is a Buyer?

A Buyer is any user who needs a Service. That can be anyone from a student seeking online lessons with a tutor to an entrepreneur creating software.

All users must be over 18 years of age.

Who is a Seller?

A Seller is any user offering at least 1 Service based on their Skill.

If you are an incorporated business or intend to buy or sell over 20 orders per month, please sign up or convert your individual account to a business account. We refuse to segregate Buyers and Sellers on HostJane. While Sellers see additional stats and sales analytics after posting at least 1 listing; the order center and reporting is integrated for every user to be a multi-player. We deliberately designed it that way.

Any user can seamlessly purchase services as easily as they can sell their own Services.

Why are accounts integrated?

At HostJane, we believe work communities should avoid segregating people into different functions or tiered systems. For that same reason we also avoid badges, followers or levels that you might see on other marketplaces.

The only visible metric that might separate users here is the individual sales, or flame score and job completeness rating that are linked to client satisfaction if the user decides to sell Services.

Seller tools include:

Buyers are users with 0 listings. Buyer profiles can only be browsed by HostJane members as part of our commitment to safeguard user privacy .

Who is HostJane for?

We can’t be great at everything, so we made HostJane for people who need useful tasks done fastly and affordably by someone who has the Skills they don’t.

As long as you are over 18 years old, you can buy and sell skills on HostJane’s platform.

Whether it’s fixing a bug, editing a video, help with college assignments, building a mobile app or website for your business or interpreting in a foreign language, HostJane is the global resource community to help you prosper with your goals.

Being safe and private online is really important to us, which is why we provide a comprehensive review system to verify sellers, with every payment protected until the Buyer is satisfied they got their work.

Our hosting is aimed at business owners who need solid, fast and ‘always up’ VPS, delivered from up to 16 reliable global data centers, with the support of server professionals who have combined years of experience managing websites for small and mid-sized businesses.

Where is HostJane based?

A Wyoming, U.S. corporation, HostJane, Inc. keeps costs low by operating with a globally distributed team; a community of web and software developers, engineers and IT support professionals based both inside the U.S. and far-flung cities across Europe, Australia and Asia.

How old is HostJane?

HostJane was originally started in Queensland in 2017 by Tunde Reid-Kapo to build websites for local businesses and startups on Australia’s Gold Coast who didn’t have a website and couldn’t afford Aussie web designer prices.

On August 8, 2018 HostJane, Inc. was officially incorporated in Wyoming, U.S.

Continuing through a global pandemic and recession, facing the same numerous delays that affected other businesses during COVID-19, HostJane’s mission hasn’t changed. To keep money moving for businesses by assisting people to get better results at work.

Highlighted by HostJane’s principles of payment protection, lower costs, simplicity, quality and variety; we connect skilled freelancers to primarily small and medium-sized businesses, with our goal to assist people to either grow their existing business or to create new income streams.

Learn more about the HostJane’s mission, and our vision and values.

Who are the people behind HostJane?

HostJane is supported by Tunde Reid-Kapo who founded the company initially to design and build affordable websites for small businesses. In 2018, Tunde funded and helped to develop a server provisioning module with Blesta, a California-based software company, to provide security, speed and reliability for businesses deploying cloud computes on the Vultr cloud platform.

Does HostJane have an iOS or Android app?

No - like many hosting businesses, we prefer to let users manage their servers through a web application that runs in the browser. While it can be accessed via mobile, HostJane’s marketplace application with its powerful messaging features and smart workspace with boards, lists, and cards in orders, was designed for freelancers working from home to run on their tablets and desktops.

Our marketplace web app syncs instantly across all devices.

What is HostJane’s relationship with female equality?

From the beginning HostJane has held a long-term commitment to use the power of business to globally end gender discrimination in all its forms against women and girls which we think would make the world a better place for everyone else.

The company is committed to do our part by donating a portion of our profits to charities on the front line working to end violence against women and stopping gender discrimination.

How do I become a Seller?

To add a Service at any time go to the Become a Seller page.

Review the General Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) to make sure you agree and then choose a category to create your listing.

When your first listing is live, your profile which is viewable to members only will automatically be transitioned to a studio.

Learn more about creating a successful listing in our Seller FAQs.