Marketplace Fee

Note: Please also see Introduction to Earnings for sellers.

HostJane is completely free to use.

There are no setup, listing, monthly or any ongoing fees to sell a Service with your Skill.

We strive to be a safe, secure environment which protects both sellers and buyers.

To operate our platform and provide marketing, hosting and payment services to Buyers and Sellers, we charge a Marketplace Fee on finalized sales of Services after Buyer approval and on tips.

Current Marketplace Fee

- 20% on the Service Cost of Listings (Regular and Online Lessons)
- 20% on Service Cost of Custom Orders
- 20% on Tips.

Sellers retain a guaranteed 80% on all Sales including listings, custom orders and tips, because HostJane pays all credit card processing and bank fees.

Example: Alison is a PHP geek. Her listing offers a bug fixing service at $100 per order. Bill is her first Buyer. Alison pays no fees, and makes $80 coding on Bill’s site.

Breakdown Alison Earns Bill Pays
Listing price Free Setup + Use $100
Handling fee $0 $1.99
Other fees $0 $0
License $0 Buyer Owns Rights ($0)
Marketplace Fee 20% ($20) $0
Delivery fee $0 $0
Totals $80 $101.99

With HostJane, Sellers have full control of their independent business.

  • Sellers set their Service cost
  • Control if the Buyers own the rights to their Final Work, or charge a license fee
  • Define their service and rules
  • Control their schedule
  • Control who becomes a customer with no penalties for rejecting orders (buyers have to pay upfront to book Sellers)
  • Control time limits and number of revisions
  • Define the type and extent of any extras

To receive your Payout, Sellers will need a valid email address, a PayPal or bank account.

To open a Studio, get started in any skills category you can add a new Service here: