Fees Summary

Note: Please also see Introduction to Earnings for sellers.

HostJane is free to join with zero account or listing fees.

Sellers earn 95% of their listing price in each sale or tip. There are no setup, subscription, hidden or any other fees to sell.

There are no fees charged to Sellers on donations which are paid out at 100% within 48 hours to Seller’s nominated bank account, Veem or PayPal account

We strive to be a safe, secure environment which protects both sellers and buyers.

Current Fee Schedule

To operate our platform and provide marketing, hosting and payment services to Buyers and Sellers, we charge a Marketplace Fee on finalized sales of Services after Buyer approval, and on tips.

  • Do not apply to donations for gas and groceries
  • 5% on the Service Cost of Listings (Regular and Online Lessons)
  • 5% on Service Cost of Custom Orders
  • 5% on Tips.

Sellers retain a guaranteed 95% on all Sales including listings, bookings, custom orders and tips.

Example case

Example: Alison is a PHP developer. Her listing offers a bug fixing service for Laravel at $100 per order. Bill is her first Buyer. Alison pays no fees, and makes $95 coding on Bill’s site.

Breakdown Alison Earns Bill Pays
Listing price Free Setup + Use $100
Handling fee $0 $1.99
Card fees $0 (4%) $4
License $0 Buyer Owns Rights ($0)
Marketplace Fee 5% ($5) $0
Delivery fee $0 $0
Totals $95 $105.99

Sellers have full control of their independent business

  • Sellers set their Service cost
  • Control if the Buyers own the rights to their Final Work, or charge a license fee
  • Define their service and rules
  • Control their schedule
  • Control who becomes a customer with no penalties for rejecting orders (buyers have to pay upfront to book Sellers)
  • Control time limits and number of revisions
  • Define the type and extent of any extras

To receive your Payout, Sellers will need a valid email address, and one of the following: PayPal, Veem, or bank account.

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