Fulfillment by HostJane (FBH)

Vetted freelancers: Fulfillment by HostJane (FBH) is an outsourcing service to help busy owners grow and spend less time looking for reliable suppliers.

Recommended - Engage hand-picked web developers with verified work histories.

Better work

At no extra cost, we provide a trusted network of HostJane-affiliated freelancers to receive, manage and complete your job, with an end-to-end customer service, delivering work that meets reasonable standards and expectations.

Why we started FBH

FBH was established in April 2022 to save you time and money, help to scale your business without typical hassles of working with freelancers, and reduce your time to market or achieving minimum viability.

Pre-Approved Labor

Our 7 HostJane-affiliated accounts employ cream-of-the-crop freelancers with proven track records helping you sidestep common grievances with freelancers like late deliveries and communication issues. With FBH, we chase up your project for you.

How It Works

We know how big a trust hurdle it is to deal cold and collaborate, often cross-borders, with unknown freelancers, which is why in addition to payment protection, better handling of confidentiality and who owns the final delivery, FBH is another way of minimizing risk.

Step 1

If you’re completely new to the HostJane marketplace, the first step is to open an account. If you’re already a HostJane member, login and proceed to step 2.

Step 2

Find a HostJane-affiliated account (HJA) in your project’s subject area, offering affordable services at attractive rates:

Step 3

Place an order with the HJA, giving your job title and instructions with any attachments as you would for any third-party freelancer on the HostJane platform. You likewise only pay after you approve work done by the HJA to your satisfaction.

Step 4

Receive your final delivery or request a revision following the HostJane Roadmap for every order. We have a carefully set up work and delivery system which is fair and ensures you get what you paid for.

Other considerations

Licensing: All HJA-services are delivered under the Buyer Owns Rights license. Have peace of mind you can use HJA service deliveries in commercial projects without quibble.

Explore this guide for using the HostJane chat and boards workspace once your order is in the pipeline and ready to be worked on.