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HostJane Roadmap

We made a simple roadmap to explain how to buy or sell a Service on HostJane.

In this section

  1. The roadmap flow explains 5 points:
  2. Paying for a service
  3. Getting work done
  4. Finishing the Deal

The roadmap flow explains 5 points:

  1. Why Services are sold in 3 stages
  2. How money moves from Buyer to Seller
  3. Where a Seller should deliver work or revisions
  4. When a Buyer should approve work
  5. What funds are paid out to Sellers

The Roadmap is based on our Marketplace Terms.

In the first stage, Pre-Delivery, a Buyer pays a Seller for their Skill to do a Service⁠—either a regular listing or online lesson⁠—with Payment Protection.

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Paying for a service

In stage 1, Pre-Delivery, HostJane collects and holds the Buyers funds.

Each Seller should aim to deliver their Service in the timeframe they promised the Buyer.

HostJane operates a Buyer satisfaction guarantee called Payment Protection to ensure the Buyer only pays for Final Work they approve of.

Our goal is to protect both the Buyer and the Seller from any problems.

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Getting work done

In stage 2, Delivery, the Buyer and Seller collaborate through Boards and Chat to complete the Buyer’s Work, which can be a regular listing for a virtual service, task or action; or an online lesson.

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Regular listing: Seller delivers a Work Preview to the Buyer, which is an abridged or watermarked version of the Final Work, or finished code/software on a staging server. Buyer approval is required to release funds to Seller and for Buyer to receive their unabridged or unwatermarked Final Work or code/software transferred to Buyer’s server.

Online lesson: Seller delivers order to confirm the lesson took place (on Zoom, Skype or agreed communication tool) and ended. Buyer approval is required to release funds to the Seller for the lesson and leave student feedback.

  • In Delivery stage, the Buyer can approve or reject the Work Preview the number of times agreed with the Seller on the Listing page.
  • If approval cannot be reached after all revisions are exhausted, a dispute can be opened by either party.
  • If Delivery is satisfactory, the Buyer approves the Work Preview or Online Lesson by releasing the funds held by HostJane to the Seller and by leaving public feedback which the Seller can publicly respond to. Feedback cannot be later edited or removed.

Feedback never includes a copy of the Final Work which is private between the Buyer and Seller.

Comments will be published with a flame rating on the Seller’s Listing page for their Service under the Job or Lesson title that the Buyer assigned during checkout.

Finishing the Deal

In stage 3, Completion, the Seller must deliver the Final Work within 24 hours to the Buyer or a refund is issued to the Buyer less credit card processing fees and Handling Fee.

Download invoices / receipts

In the case of an Online Lesson, the Seller clicks “Work already sent” to complete the Order.

After the Order is completed (and Buyer is happy with delivered Final Work), the Seller’s Balance is credited with their net Earnings, which is the cost of the Seller’s Listing subtract HostJane’s 20% Marketplace Fee.

HostJane’s calculator in Create Listing itemizes and forecasts net Earnings and Listing cost for Sellers when they set up a new Service.

The following are controlled by each Seller who are independent third-parties to HostJane:

  • Listing price
  • Service delivery
  • Work performance and quality

Example: Seller sells a Service Listing for $100. HostJane’s 20% Marketplace Fee will be $20.

The Seller will receive exactly $80 ($100 - $20 = $80).

All bank and card fees are paid by HostJane. With the Handling Fee of $1.99, the Buyer will pay $101.99 to start the order. HostJane holds the funds until the Seller delivers the order on time and to the Buyer’s satisfaction.

Breakdown Seller Earns Buyer Pays
Listing price Free Setup + Use $100
Handling fee $0 $1.99
Other fees $0 $0
License $0 Buyer Owns Rights ($0)
Marketplace Fee 20% ($20) $0
Delivery fee $0 $0
Totals $80 $101.99

To protect against fraud, HostJane has a 5-day waiting period before Seller can withdraw their 80% net earnings to their bank.

All payments are made in U.S. dollars.