How licensing works

Licenses are legal agreements that tell you what you can and can’t do with the Final Work that a Seller creates for you on HostJane - and who legally owns that work.

Licenses do not apply to online lessons.

Example: You’re a business in New York and your seller is a software developer in Germany: Two completely different countries with different laws.

With HostJane licensing, the Seller can let you buy their Service under a license which tells both of you:

  • Who owns the Intellectual Property (IP) you of the Work the Seller creates for you
  • What you can do with the Work
  • Who you can distribute the Work to
  • Where you can sell or trade the Work
  • How you can use the Work online and offline
  • If you need to give the Seller a credit
  • How any disputes related to the Work will be resolved

A license takes the guesswork out of buying Services from people in your own and foreign countries.

There are 4 types of Licenses a Seller can work under for you on HostJane:

Buyer Owns Rights (Free)

All rights and title in Work created by the Seller are transferred to the Buyer after release of payment.

Personal (Paid)

Buyer can only use the Work in non-commercial projects. Great for personal projects.

Limited (Paid)

Buyer can use the Work in 1 commercial service or project with limited end use. Seller must be credited.

Unlimited (Paid)

Buyer is granted full rights and title in the Work when they release payment to Buyer. Seller credit not required.

If you and the Seller do not agree a License then under 2.15 of the Marketplace Rules, all rights and title in the Work is transferred to the Buyer when they release payment to the Seller and leave a review in an order.

Learn more in our Licensing FAQ