Seller Cases

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  1. I’m an online tutor. Do I need a license?
  2. I’m coding an app. What license should I use?
  3. I sell business services. What license should I use?
  4. Can I agree a custom license?
  5. My seller doesn’t offer the license I need

I’m an online tutor. Do I need a license?

HostJane does not have native functionality for online teachers to use licensing agreements.

You are welcome to make your own arrangements with your students if you believe one is necessary.

I’m coding an app. What license should I use?

Take the example case of Peeter, a developer in Eastern Europe.

Peeter developed a successful app. After coding his software, Peeter had to consider the following questions:

  • Who is rights holder of his app and the app’s code?
  • How does app copyright work?
  • Who are the End Users of the app?
  • How much access do End Users have to Peeter’s code?
  • Does Peeter need a contract with his End Users?
  • Would a End-User License Agreement (EULA) be helpful?
  • How does laws apply to Peeter’s app in foreign countries to his own?

All licensing agreements formulated by HostJane are governed by U.S. law. The contracts between users and HostJane are also controlled by Wyoming law. However, if you agree a custom rights agreement with a Buyer, the terms and law of that custom license will apply.

HostJane recommends Sellers use a limited or unlimited license depending on how much rights you’re comfortable giving up as an app developer.

I sell business services. What license should I use?

If you’re a CPA offering bookkeeping and accounting services or an attorney offering disclaimed legal advice, you will probably want to sell your service as Buyer Owns Rights.

If you’re a marketing guru or PR person, it may make more sense to either use a custom licensing agreement through a custom order where you can agree the fine points with the Buyer or sell with HostJane’s limited or unlimited licensing agreement governed by Wyoming law.

In any case, it’s important in agreeing a licensing agreement that Sellers and Buyers communicate clearly about the intended use of Work and who will own the rights and IP of the Final delivery.

Be aware that under 2.15.1 of the Marketplace Rules, unless clearly stated by the Seller on the Listing page or under applicable License agreements (which includes ones negotiated separately through a custom license), Buyer is granted all intellectual property rights, title, and interest in the delivered Final Work upon release of payment to Seller and submission of public feedback.

Can I agree a custom license?

Yes, you can agree custom licensing. Ask the Seller to send you a Custom Offer where your agreed terms for the custom license are included in the description of the Custom Offer.

My seller doesn’t offer the license I need

If the Seller is not offering Buyer Owns Rights, where you’d keep all IP in the delivered work, and is not offering an Unlimited license, you will need to message the Seller to negotiate a custom license for your purposes.

The reason HostJane requires a licensing system is to ensure that Work done on our platform has clear legal ownership and legal uses.

Our goal is to run a platform that is fair to both the Seller doing the Work and the Buyer commissioning or buying the Seller’s End Product.