Do’s and Don’ts for Selling

Here at HostJane we exist to support awesome freelancers make the most out of their Skills.

Our Roadmap helps Sellers monetize their Work.

We have a few helpful Do’s and Don’ts to make the selling process organized and simple.


  • Do use your original work.
  • Do keep Buyers up-to-date with their order
  • Do promote your listings on social media
  • Do reach out and ask for help if you need assistance. We are here to help.
  • Do post your sales figures or screenshots from your balance to social media to share your success with the world

Don’t use any content in your listings that include:

  • ANYTHING related to a legal minor under the age of 18 years.
  • Promises of anything you can’t deliver.
  • Post material you do not own the copyright for, unless you have permission, a model release or a use license from the copyright holder.
  • Post anything that a court would consider defamation.
  • Sell physical products that require offline shipping by a mail carrier. We’re only meant to be used for Sellers offering non-tangible or virtual Services that can be delivered online.
  • Sell Topsites; Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Scripts/Bots; IRCD (irc servers); Proxy Scripts/Anonymizers; Image Hosting Scripts (similar to Photobucket or Tinypic); AutoSurf/PTC/PTS/PPC sites; IP Scanners; Bruteforce Programs/Scripts/Applications; Mail Bombers/Spam Scripts; Banner-Ad services (commercial banner ad rotation); File Dump/Mirror Scripts (similar to rapidshare); Commercial Audio Streaming (more than one or two streams).
  • Sell Escrow/Bank Debentures; High-Yield Interest Programs (HYIP) or Related Sites; Investment Sites (FOREX, E-Gold Exchange, Second Life/Linden Exchange, Ponzi, MLM/Pyramid Scheme); Sale or distribution of any controlled substance without prior proof of appropriate permit(s); Prime Banks Programs; Lottery/Gambling Sites; MUDs/RPGs/PBBGs.
  • Sell hacker focused sites/archives/programs; Sites promoting illegal activities; Forums and/or websites that distribute or link to warez/pirated/illegal content; Bank Debentures/Bank Debenture Trading Programs; Fraudulent Sites (Including, but not limited to sites listed at &; Mailer Pro; Push button mail scripts; Broadcast or Streaming of Live Sporting Events (UFC, NASCAR, FIFA, NFL, MLB, NBA, WWE, WWF, etc); Tell A Friend Scripts; Anonymous or Bulk SMS Gateways; Bitcoin Miners; PayDay Loan Sites (including any site related to PayDay loans, PayDay loan affiliate progams, etc).
  • SELL MONEY LENDING; INVESTMENT SERVICES: Securities brokers; mortgage consulting or debt reduction services; credit counselling or repair; real estate opportunities; lending instruments; Money transmitters, check cashing, wire transfers, money orders; currency exchanges or dealers; bail bonds; collections agencies; law firms collecting funds for any purpose other than to pay fees owed to the firm for services provided by the firm (e.g., firms cannot use HostJane to hold client funds, collection or settlement amounts, disputed funds, etc.).
  • SELL VIRTUAL CURRENCY OR STORED VALUE: Virtual currency that can be monetized, resold, or converted to physical or digital products and services or otherwise exit the virtual world (e.g., Bitcoin); sale of stored value or credits maintained, accepted and issued by anyone other than the seller.
  • SELL GAMBLING: Lotteries; bidding fee auctions; sports forecasting or odds making; fantasy sports leagues with cash prizes; internet gaming; contests; sweepstakes; games of chance.
  • SELL REGULATED OR ILLEGAL PRODUCTS OR SERVICES: Illicit substances; Marijuana dispensaries and related businesses; sale of tobacco, e-cigarettes, and e-liquid; online pharmacies; age restricted goods or services; weapons and munitions; gunpowder and other explosives; fireworks and related goods; toxic, flammable, and radioactive materials; products and services with varying legal status on a state-by-state basis; goods or services, the sale of which is illegal under applicable law in the jurisdictions to which your business is targeted or directed.
  • SELL AGE-RESTRICTED CONTENT AND SERVICES: Pornography and other obscene materials (including literature, imagery and other media); listings or sites offering any sexually-related services such as prostitution, escorts, pay-per view, adult live chat features.
  • SELL GET RICH QUICK SCHEMES: Investment opportunities or other services that promise high rewards
  • SELL MUG SHOT PUBLICATION OR PAY-TO-REMOVE SITES: Platforms that facilitate the publication and removal of content (such as mug shots), where the primary purpose of posting such content is to cause or raise concerns of reputational harm.
  • SELL NO-VALUE-ADDED SERVICES: Sale or resale of a service without added benefit to the buyer; resale of government offerings without authorization or added value; sites that we determine in our sole discretion to be unfair, deceptive, or predatory towards consumers.
  • SELL AGGREGATION: Engaging in any form of licensed or unlicensed aggregation of funds owed to third parties, factoring, or other activities intended to obfuscate the origin of funds.
  • USE UNFAIR, PREDATORY, OR DECEPTIVE PRACTICES: Any content or Services that we believe poses elevated financial risk, legal liability, or violates card network or bank policies.
  • POST MATERIAL PROMOTING ABUSE / HATE / VIOLENCE / TARGETING / DISCRIMINATION: Hate Speech; Any content or Service that a. engages in, encourages, promotes or celebrates unlawful violence or physical harm to persons or property, b. Doxxing or trolling; or C. engages in, encourages, promotes or celebrates unlawful violence toward any group based on race, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, or any other immutable characteristic.
  • SELL MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING: Pyramid schemes, network marketing, and referral marketing program.

Your account can be suspended or terminated if you engage in activities that are against HostJane’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).